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Plant Based
Premium Cassava

Grain Free | Never Fried | GMO Free

Why is NovaCrisp a Healthier Alternative

Premium Cassava Root

Certified Gluten Free

Never Fried

Plant Based

Vegan White Cheddar

Lets get real here, there’s no alternative to the real thing. But we’re pretty darn close to it. It’s light yet oh so satisfying. The cheesy flavor with an exciting new texture make it the perfect snack to munch on while watching a movie or just on the go.

“Novacrip White Cheddar are REALLY tasty and have a great texture.
I recommend them for a healthier snack alternative!”



It’s summer all over again with each and every bit of our BBQ crisps. With it’s strong tangy and smokey flavor, it is almost impossible to put down after the first few bites. A new staple to any gatherings.

“I brought Novacrisp BBQ to a cocktail party for friends who eat gluten & dairy-free.They agree, they’re AMAZING.”
- Andrea


Sea Salt

The taste of a simpler time. Walking on the beach right before the sunset. The subtle taste of the salty air and the sea. A memory you will never forget. Remember it over and over again with our Sea Salt Crisps

“Everyone in the house loved them.I had to hide a couple of bags before they were gone!”
- Melanie


Maui Onion

The taste of tradition and a long history.
Cultivated in the Hawaiian Islands. Our sweet Maui Onion Crisp just hits the spot when you crave for something not too sweet but just right.

“Crispy, flavorful, guiltless snack! These are the BEST!”
- Julie


Assorted Pack

Get all your favorite Novacrisp all in one package! Share it with your friends, and family, or eat it all yourself! These wholesome crisps actually taste sensational.  Enhance your day in savory Sea Salt, sweet Maui Onion, tangy BBQ, and aged White Cheddar.

“My 3-year-old son has multiple food allergies. This is the first crunchy, prepackaged food he has ever been able to eat. These gave him so much joy!”
- Peach


Our Customers Testimonials

Perfect for Diet

I got the sea salt flavor and it has just enough taste to be delicious plain or
used as the base for a dip or topping.
Overall, I would strongly recommend these as a replacement for rice cakes, chips, and other "junk food" for those trying to live a more healthy lifestyle.

- Wiwse -

Our Customers Testimonials

The only bad thing is my husband is eating them before I can

These are the BEST!
There was a similar cassava chip sold for a limited time at a store in my area, but they quit selling them.I decided to search Amazon for a similar product and found these which are so much better!
The only bad thing is my husband is eating them before I can.

- Julie Jones -

Our Customers Testimonials

They are absolutely delicious and only have 110 calories per bag!

With spending so much time at home during the Pandemic, I noticed we were all snacking, or searching for foods to snack on more than we ever did before.  I went on Amazon to find a healthier alternative. They are absolutely delicious and only have 110 calories per bag! Everyone in the house loved them.

- MBF -


Exciting New Ways to Enjoy Novacrisps

Cheese Dip






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