5 Key Activities For a Longer Life

5 Key Activities For a Longer Life

It isn't rocket science to live longer.  You probably already know what it takes, eat better, exercise, reduce stress, and so forth.  But, sometimes, your routine prevents you from doing the obvious.  In certain circumstances, you might actually develop bad habits, such as smoking, and consuming an excessive amount of alcohol.  Those are only a few things, there are many others.  However, this is neither here nor there.  In this article we'll discuss how you can develop getting into these habits.  


You might have read previous articles that go deeper into the topic, but, journaling is a fantastic way to develop good habits. Since, if nothing else, it might as well be a work of fiction. Like the saying goes, "You can lie to others, but not to yourself". Power phrasing Abraham Lincoln. I know the truth hurts, but if you don't feel like you've been stabbed in the heart, well, it might not be very important to you. Feeling blighted can be a motivational trigger. While, it isn't the best, whatever brings you closer to a happier life is worth it.

Journaling is basically a tracker. It could be an exercise, food, or, financial tracker. It can essentially track anything you want. But, the point that I am making is simple. Move that needle forward! Albeit, for your career, or your health. Small changes have the most impact over time. It compounds!

Eat Healthier

You might not like your broccoli, or brussels sprouts, and you don't have to like them, but eating your leafy greens will provide you with the healthy diet you need. Of course, there are many other veggies that have similar vitamins and minerals, you just have to find which one you'll like. Plus, it'll help with your digestion. As studies have shown, eating more vegetables lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. Since vegetables don't have any fats and heart clogging cholesterol, it's safe to say that they are best mixed with your diet. It's up to you to take care of yourself.

A misconception that people have about dieting is that you have to change your diet immediately. Well, you don't have to change your whole diet all at once to have a healthy lifestyle. It's all about the way you prepare your food and eat every day. With any food, it isn't wise to change your diet too quickly. Constipation, and diarrhea are real concerns.

The best way to develop a healthy body weight is to plan it out. Have goals that are attainable. I know that it is tempting to set huge goals at the beginning. Everyone does. It's your motivation and false ambitions working together. Don't make such big goals at the beginning. It is a path to failure. Think of it like this, if it was that easy, you would have already done it. Slowly easing into eating healthy foods allows your body to adjust to the change.

The best way to lose weight is first to eliminate junk or unhealthy food and those delectable fried chips. While, it isn't an immediate change, changing from fried potato chips to something more healthy such as popped chips, such as Novacrisps, can make drastic changes. But, eliminating snacking altogether is best. Once you reach a plateau, this is the time to step it up a notch.

Alcohol consumption is yet another hurdle. While, it's attractive in the movies, in reality there's a fine line between socially acceptable and not. Moderate alcohol intake has been known to reduce the risk of heart attacks. Specifically, one glass of red wine. While, life expectancy has many variables, one of which is genetics, it can be mitigated by the right choices in life. Being prone to heart attack, high blood pressure, and an overall shorter life expectancy can be some of the many genetic dispositions that you should be aware of, which can affect your quality of life.

Eliminate canned foods. It isn't just the fact that poorly canned foods can have bacteria such as, clostridium botulinum, but are also high in sodium, sugar, and have fewer nutrients than its non canned counterpart.


Straight to the hard stuff. There are really two types of exercising. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Anaerobic exercises are considered high intensity bursts, such as weight lifting, while aerobic exercises or cardio exercises involve cycling and running. Cardio exercises involve oxygen. Aerobic exercises also involve a more physical activity level than anaerobic exercises.

One can also refer to them as, impact vs no impact exercises. Which essentially does the same thing, but non - impact exercises take longer to get to the same results compared to impact exercises. That means walking takes much longer to reach the caloric burn than an impact exercise.

Now, what is the best way to get regular exercise into your routine? Well, it's simple, put it into your routine. For example, if you ride the subway to work, alternatively walk a few blocks. When you sit at work all day, you'll need every little bit of exercise. These build healthy habits over time. Exercise doesn't have to be vigorous activity. On the contrary, hiking, and tai chi doesn't involve high impact activity, nor does it have to be vigorous.

Mental Health

This article wouldn't be complete without mental health. That is why meditation is a great way to gain focus, and the willpower to get through that extra hurdle. Depression, and other chronic mental illnesses can have a negative effect on your life. As we have learned in school, it can lead to unnatural premature death.

If you think about it, meditation is quite complex. It involves complete focus, without the chattering in your mind. Think how difficult that is. With life, and other things on your mind, how is that possible? Think of it another way, imagine that you are in a room with nothing at all. After a few minutes, you'll probably be very bored. Meditation increases creativity, and perspective. It can also be a great way to decompress. It's especially great for reducing stress levels. If you aren't thinking about it, you can't be stressed, can you?


Fasting has been linked to many health benefits.  Some of which are focus, regulating blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and finally, may lead to preventing cancer.  The benefits are vast, and everyone should do it.  It can also increase willpower.  Since, it takes a lot of determination and focus to resist food.  Fasting allows better focus due to the release of a chemical in your brain called orexin-a peptide.  Focus might not make you live longer, but fasting will.  


It isn't impossible to become healthier, and get the results we want.  It takes a little bit of different thinking, and small changes that can produce huge results.  With conscious effort, it can be possible to get in shape, be healthier, and 


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