Puffed vs Baked Chips

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Puffed vs Baked Chips

The term puffed represents a new cultural revolution of consumer behavior regarding food.  The shift from calorie counting, and conditional management, has taken a new form into what we call positive nutrition.  That means, fresh, and real quality foods.  Simply put, the wellness lifestyle!  

Baked goods, on the other hand, are synonymous with many delectable delicacies throughout time.  It represents a long history of tradition that we still enjoy.  As a rule of thumb, baked food might be better than fried foods, but baked chips are certainly not as tasty as their tasty distant siblings.    

Puffed snacks have evolved beyond yuca (cassava), mushrooms, canola oil and seasonings to make up various flavors.  For instance, popped lotus seeds are one example of this change.  Though, at Novacrisp we stick with what we think is a healthy snacking experience.  We use cassava and canola oil as the base ingredients.  Which we believe is a very tasty combination.  The naturally sweet cassava allows us to decrease the sugar that's usually used to accentuate the sweet flavors.  

So, what's the key difference between puffed and baked snacks?  It's the cooking process and the cooking time.  While baked snacks have to be cooked for a duration of time, popped or puffed snacks are cooked or rather popped using a popping machine, which is then put into a tumbler for seasoning.  This popping machine uses heat and pressure to immediately prepare the crisps.