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Growing up, I looked forward to Friday every week. Not because of the relaxing weekend, extra music, art, swim, and/or korean lessons ruined that already.  What I was really was looking forward to was my elementary school’s Ice Cream Sandwich friday. Pay a dollar and get your choice of vanilla, chocolate or (my fav) pistachio. Biting into a crisp cookie, and soft a sweet and nutty ice cream was pure joy as a child.

Eating a Novacrisp ice cream sandwich gives me a Piece of that joy again. It is simple and easy to make so you can spend more time enjoying all the small joys in your life. Great as a little dessert after dinner for kids and adults. 

Yield: About ~8 Sandwiches


1 Novacrisp Sea Salt 1oz bag  

1 Pint of non-dairy Vanilla Ice Cream 

1 Pint of non-dairy Chocolate Ice Cream  (or really any of your personal favorite dairy or nondairy Ice creams)

  1. Open a bag of Novacrisp, and pull out 1 crisp as a base
  2. Scoop about ~1 tablespoon of vanilla ice cream (or your favorite ice cream) on top of the crisp
  3. Cover over with another crisp
  4. Repeat with other flavors of ice cream, until you have about 8 sandwiches

Note*. Best served immediately to ensure a crunchy crisp

Ice cream sandwiches 🍨

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