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Our Story

We strive to be a better snack brand.  Bridging the gap between tasty and healthy eating choices.  
Our values from the start continues to guide us to a better and healthier future.  

It's hard to find a healthy snack that is also delicious.

 Many snacks are high in calories, fat and/or sodium which can lead to weight gain and health problems. Novacrisps has the best of both worlds with all natural ingredients like cassava flour, spices, herbs and sea salt.  These tasty treats are low in calories (only 110 per serving) contain no cholesterol and trans fats!  They are also free of nuts, gluten & lactose so people with allergies can enjoy them too! We've got you covered wherever life brings you.  At work, strolling the streets of the city, or doing what you love. 

Life's a balancing act. 
It's full of split choice decisions and you got to make the best choice out of what you have. 
Let's take taste and health out of the equation.







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